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Scope of the Project - Dr. Paul Singh has proposed to start a program to provide comprehensive weight loss and management services for his private pay clients. These services will cover medical management and consultation, nutritional consultation and advice, exercise programs and facility with supervision by personal fitness trainers.

  • Patient Profile - Clients are generally healthy and not morbidly obese (approximately 30 lbs over weight). Clients are medically cleared to enroll in a supervised exercise regimen as designed and overseen by qualified personal fitness trainers.

  • Length of Program - At a minimum, clients will be required to attend exercise sessions 3 times per week for 6 months. Each session will last between 30 - 60 minutes depending on patient tolerance and exercise prescription.

  • Entry into the Program - Clients will be screened and medically cleared for inclusion into the program through Dr. Paul Singh. As part of the overall program the client will then formally enroll into the PERFORMANCE PLUS exercise program. Each client will individually meet with the staff fitness trainer to determine the client's limitations and formulate an exercise prescription.

  • Client Enrollment - PERFORMANCE PLUS will create a personal exercise file on each client that will contain all the pertinent demographics, copy of the exercise prescription and a medical history form completed by the client as well as the referral to the program from Dr. Paul Singh. The scope of the program will be reviewed by the fitness trainer to include expectations about client involvement and compliance in attending the exercise sessions. Client will also be informed of the available time slots and days of the week that appointments can be made.

  • PERFORMANCE PLUS - Will provide each client with the necessary facility and exercise equipment as well as consultation and ongoing supervision and progression by personal fitness trainers. Ample blocks of time will be made available to the client for attendance at the exercise sessions. Each client will have on file an up -to -date exercise chart that documents date of attendance, exercises performed and specific time and intensity of each particular exercise.

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