Can I drink creamer with my coffee while on a clear liquid diet?

No. Unfortunately cream is not a clear liquid. While prepping for your colonoscopy, you will need to drink only clear liquids. Clear liquids are liquids you can see through such as apple juice, chicken broth, gator aid and soda.

Are milkshakes considered clear liquids?

Milkshakes are not a clear liquid, as you can not see through the substance. Try a clear popsicle!

What are medications I am allowed to take the morning of my procedure?

The only medication we recommend taking the morning of your procedure is Beta Blockers. Most medications can wait until after your procedure is over. If you have specific concerns please call and speak with an endoscopy nurse.

Can I chill my prep or put ice in the prep solution?

We do recommend mixing your prep and placing it in the refrigerator several hours before it is time to begin drinking. Ice may be added to the prep solution. Drinking the prep while chilled makes it easier to tolerate.

May I take my sleeping pill or my muscle relaxant the night before my procedure?

Yes, you may take your prescription sleep medication and or muscle relaxants as prescribed by your physician.

What can I drink with the prep?

Any clear liquid, except alcoholic beverages.