Refund Policy

Because our payment policy includes collecting co-payments at the time of service or per-collecting on major procedures, the instance may arise in which your account will have a credit balance.

The following refund policy applies to accounts which show current account credit after collection of insurance and co-payments:

1. The account will be reconciled to make sure all credit/debit entries are correct and accurate. PPO insurance write-offs will be verified and double checked.

2. The patient will be given the choice of leaving the credit to be used toward future work in their treatment plan or for upcoming appointments, or may request a refund.

3. Once a patient chooses a refund, it may take up to 7 to 10 business days to complete the refund process, but every effort will be made to refund the patient as soon as possible.

4. Cancellation Policy—-A forty eight hours cancellation notice is required for any appointment. In the event we don’t get 48hours notice $50 fees will be charged for procedure appointment and $25 fees will be charged for office visit.